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CathPrint's e-shaft® technology performance successfully proven with in-vivo test'

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

The unique EP Catheter e-Shaft®, that enables more advanced catheters, was launched for B2B opportunities in the autumn of 2021. e-Shaft® was recently compared to a market leading EP catheter with an in-vivo performance test at an animal lab in Prague. The e-Shaft® results were excellent and the signals were on all parameters comparable.

Professor Carina Blomström-Lundqvist at the Department of Medical Science, Uppsala University, evaluated the results from the animal study and concluded: ”The tracings are excellent in quality with high resolution disclosing high frequency content of signals from both catheters and no difference can be seen between the recordings. This is true for both signals recorded during spontaneous rhythm and during pacing. The signal is also clean after high augmentation and does not pick up external noise. Noise was not seen during the measurements.” CathPrint is now experiencing a strong demand for e-Shaft from customers which proves the potential of the unique CathPrint technology.


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