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We help you rise above the limitations of current smart catheter design options!

Our e-shaft technology allows all catheter electronics to be pre-assembled on a flat full-length thermoplastic flex-circuit, and then reflowed directly onto your catheter shaft with a two-step automated process!  Electrodes emerge externally, while conductors hide within the shaft wall, linked by plated holes in the flex-circuit's base layer.

This unique flexible and stretchable printed circuit technology enables customized design solutions otherwise impossible with traditional technology.

Cathprint catheter product


Novel Design Freedom for Catheter Electronics

The e-shaft technology enables highly flexible electronic design options for complex catheters, including novel design freedoms for electrode spacing/shape, conductor layout, sensor placements.


Automated Production Opportunity

Our e-shaft technology incorporates automated production processes ensuring consistent quality, precise manufacturing, and cost competitiveness for your catheter designs.


Free lumen

The e-shaft design offers a free lumen, enhancing fluid flow, facilitating guidewire insertion, sensor integration and enhanced catheter performance.


Compatibility with Multiple Shaft Materials

The e-shaft can be utilized with different flexibility and materials, enabling versatility in catheter design and customization.

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